Newborn Skin

Hello and welcome to my first blog. I have never done this before, so be kind. 

I am so blessed to be able to document the first days of a new baby, all the squishines and pouts and tiny feet and tiny hands.. 3 hours usually flies by and than the other part of newborn photography starts - retouching. 

Editing is a huge part of the process and newborn skin is what I can spend hours on.. why do I edit newborn skin..? 

When I gave birth to my little girl, I remember her eyes, tiny nose and lips so pink.. she was and still is just perfect to me! why don’t I remember her eye being so red, bit bruised from birth, I don’t remember the massive bruise on her forehead too.. because I love her so much I never noticed any of that and in my head I have a perfect picture of my baby girl.. and If I would ask any mother, she would tell me exactly the same - my baby is perfect. 

So when a baby comes to my studio, I don’t see the bruises, the jaundice, milk spots, super dry skin, redness, discolouration, rashes etc.. what I see is cute facial expressions, cute pout and tiny fingers, most amazing hair, eyes and I could carryon forever! I see the beauty and I capture perfection. And that is why I edit newborn skin, I want everyone to see exactly how new mums see their new baby - complete, absolute perfection.  

Just to finish it off Ill show you before and after from Oakley’s gallery. The skin itself took me nearly 2h and than another 2 because I couldn’t decide should I do colour or black and white  :) (i did both in the end, as he is so cute! :)

Thank you for reading. and look out for my new blog x

Im completely blessed and will have loads of new babies coming in for their session in the next few month, I only have few sessions left, so will encourage to book early ( I already have 1 booked in February 2017!)