Safety first!

First let me share my excitement! I had newborn twins in my studio, little Nathaniel and Elodie. Beautiful babies and loads of cuddles.. 

I felt really organised and prepared for the session. I had a posing flow, several sets ready and assistant Lucy (who is my sister in law, but really good with babies, true whisperer) I have Instructed Lucy what the plan was and we waited for twins to arrive. 

The session was really hard and the twins were taking turns to sleep, and most of the planned sets didn’t happen. But this happens a lot, as sometimes I just go with the flow and make sure baby is happy. Therefore I offered a location shoot for part 2 to make sure I have outstanding images for the family. 


This session also inspired me to write about newborn photography safety. One baby is hard work, two - very hard work. However I always put safety first. I have had newborn safety training including emergency procedures. I plan my sessions in advance and babies are always kept safe and looked after. I always have a spotter (either assistant or mum of the babies are always there if I’m not) 

All poses are completely safe and where required, baby always supported. 

This pose, where it looks like baby is holding her chin on her hands is a composite and baby was never alone or unsupported. It is really important to understand that photos I produce comes from experience and post processing magic and should never be attempted without special training and skills. 

Always Safety First. 


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